Hazelmere Kennels provides a wide-range of flexible services. Select a category below to review our existing packages, or allow us to customize services to meet your needs.

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Day Care Services

A dog that stays home all day alone is a bored, lonely dog. Dogs are innately social and as such always want to be around other dogs and people. Don't leave your dogs at home alone…send them to daycare!!

Whether at work for the day or running errands rest assured that your dog is having fun all day in a safe, social environment.

We provide daycare, 7 days a week, for both large and small breeds.

Dogs are separated by size, play style and temperament and supervised by experienced staff. There are comfortable sofas, chairs, cots and TV's. All the comforts of home!

At the end of your day you'll find a well-exercised, happy dog that is ready to relax with you after enjoying a day out in the fresh air with lots of treats and playtime.


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Long Term Services

We are known for our successful care of long term dogs. We have many pets stay with us for 1 or more months at time. We understand that caring for a dog that's with us long-term requires special added attention to ensure your pet isn't stressed and enjoys his or her stay.

Each dog has individual needs and we recognize this and accommodate accordingly. We have accommodations to fit all sizes and needs of your dog and a large enough facility that we can move your pet to different areas of accommodation to provide them with a change of scenery thus eliminating boredom.

The health of your pet is carefully monitored to ensure they are healthy eaters, active during play time and show no signs of stress.

They have lots of space, exercise time and, of course, lots of cuddles. We also encourage family and friends to come and visit during the long-term stay and enjoy time playing with the dog in our fields or taking him or her for a walk.

We keep your pets happy and healthy during their stay with us and ensure they have all the comforts of home.


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Visit our Grooming Page

We're excited about our brand new Grooming facilities coming soon to Hazelmere Kennels.

In addition to grooming by appointment we will have several other grooming options available:

Play and Groom – daycare and wash combo.

Play in the day and groom in the afternoon.

small dog paw Play and Groom – daycare and wash combo. Play in the day and groom in the afternoon ready for a later afternoon/early evening pick up.

small dog paw Stay and Groom – a full groom prior to going home after boarding at Hazelmere.

To ensure we look after our most sensitive pets we will ensure we use special shampoos for dogs with sensitive coats.

Please check back with us to find out when our Grand Opening will be. We will also update this website as soon as the opening date is determined.


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Training Services

Hazelmere Kennels will be offering training and obedience programs.

Our training options include:

Play and Learn – drop your dog off for daycare and a training session

Board and Learn – training sessions will be included with your dog's board

Training classes – smaller classes where special attention is given each dog, check with us for more details.

Find out more information here! 


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We are here to assist with any special needs your pet may have. We have private rooms for those that require more quiet time, or may be recovering from surgery or an illness. Private rooms are also great for dogs from the same family that want to stay together in more spacious accommodations.

We are happy to administer any medication, supplements or topical creams your pet may require. The health of your pet is important to us!

We also have a SENIOR CENTRE for older dogs that require a little bit more peace and quiet away from the younger pups! As is the Hazelmere standard, each run in the Senior Centre has its own access to an outside area so our Seniors can go outdoors as they need to.

Individual care and attention is provided to each and every guest no matter what their special need may be.


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