Boarding Prices      all Per Day GST will apply
Toy Dogs $30  2 Toy dogs same family share run $38
Small Dogs $35 2 small dogs same family share run $42
Single medium/Large dog $35 2 medium dogs same family share run $45
Large dog  
Standard run $35
Single large dog - double run $40   2 large dogs same family share run $48
Giant Breeds $40   Single large dog per run  
Intact Male - additional charges apply
Senior and Special Care pets (12+ years) Pricing per pets needs
(Additional charges may apply depending on your pet - please ask for a information)
Raw Food charges   additional $3 per feed
pet taxi or pet attending, will be billed at $50.00 per hour
Medication Charges
Oral medications (per dose) $2
Eye/Ear medications (per dose) $5
Eye care cleaning $2
Topical Cream Applications $5

GST will apply


Boarding Charges will apply for the day your pet checks in and for the day your pet checks out, regardless of check in or check out time.

Large Dog - Short Coat $20
Large Dog - Long Coat to be assessed
Small Dog - Short Coat $10
Small Dog - Long Coat $20 - $25
Dematting $10 per 15 minutes
Eye Cleaning $5
Personal Walks $20 per walk

Female dogs in heat by special arrangements only. Extra charges will apply


 Hazelmere Kennels will provide loving care for your pets.
The following requirements are requested:

-all cats and dogs must have current vaccinations.
-all cats and dogs need to have a flea preventative


- Check in and Check Out will be charged in full, regardless of check in or Out time.
Payment needs to be completed at the time of Check In
Statutory holiday fee of $20 per family per day will apply for boarding on a Public Holiday weekends in additional to the regular daily rate.
Non refundable deposits are required for all high-season bookings.
Christmas bookings are by special arrangement only

- Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard and Debit

Please help us to serve you better by e-mailing questions, suggestions and especially any concerns directly to May at hazelmerekennelsfeedback@gmail.com
Your emails will be kept private and confidential
We appreciate you choosing Hazelmere Kennels for your pet.

NOTE: Hazelmere Kennels reserves the right to refuse service to any pet that we feel, that for any reason, we are unable to care for.

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